Precision Datalabel Inc.

1937 to 2014

In 1988 Mr. David Shepherd, of Mississauga, Ontario, conceived a plan to open a Label Converting facility in Truro, Nova Scotia. At that time, he was involved in a family label operation in Mississauga and wanted to expand on his own. He teamed up with computer programmer and mechanical expert Edwin Simms, who he hired as his CEO to oversee his operation. On May 1, 1988 Precision Datalabel Ltd. was born.


The first equipment installed was a flatbed 13" web, Kluge single colour letter press, producing pin-fed datalabels. It consisted of 4 separate units: roll unwind with pinfeed punches, a clamshell style printing station, a clamshell style flatbed die cutting station, and roll and waste rewind unit. Each unit operated independently, but were timed to each other with make-and-brake opposing light sensors. The sensors controlled the start and stop of each unit by reading the flow of paper as it passed between units. At nearly 7’ high and 30’ long, it was a beauty, but it was quickly realized it could not keep up with label demands; it was time to go shopping.


Our next equipment purchase was a shiny new Franklin 6 colour Foil Hot Stamping press with flatbed die cutting. Producing all label styles, shapes, colours, including metallic and holographic, this press with its embossing/debossing abilities is still in operation today.


Shortly after that purchase, we embraced a more modern technology, and purchased our first Flexographic Press, a Unitron 8.0", three (3) colour with central impression drum. This definite advance in technology eventually caused our old Kluge letterpress to be handed on to a new home.


Eventually, the need for increased production resulted in more equipment needed, it was time to go shopping again. This time, we gave a brand new Canadian made Aquaflex DBX10 a home. This 10", Six (6) colour in-line flexographic press, loaded with all the bells and whistles, is still the mainstay of Precision Datalabel’s label production.


In 2005, David Shepherd retired, selling out the business to Edwin and his partner and wife of 40 years, Barbara. David enjoyed his life and retirement, and often dropped by to make sure we were “doing it right”.  Sadly, David passed in the Spring of 2014, and is surely missed.


The addition of our “Direct-To-Print” label technology, has been PDL’s latest expansion and technological advancement. This ability to produce customized full-colour labels in virtually any shape and size without the cost of dies or printing plates continues to prove its usefulness and value to our customers on a daily basis.


Today Precision Datalabel Inc. is going strong, and continues to produce high quality labels for local, national and international markets.


We are here to help you with your ideas and to label your products no matter what they might be.