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Precision Datalabel Inc. produces Pressure Sensitive labels from all sorts of different materials including; Paper, Vinyl, Polyester, Polypropylene, Aluminized Foil, Metalized laminated paper, Cloth and Ribbon. In both Clear and Opaque, along with just about any colour combination the client wishes.  

Adhesive comes in several degrees of Permanent to Removable to Static Cling.

Shapes, PDL has at present several hundred different shapes of dies for cutting labels, and all for clients use at No Charge. Occasionally the need arises for a new or different shape than what PDL has in stock, and the cost is only shared, with the customer. That said, if it is a short run label, our Direct to Print and Dieless shape cutting may be the way to go. Your Professional label adviser will do just that, advise you on which method of production is your best choice.