Precision Datalabel Inc.

Precision Datalabel Inc., is now locally owned and operated by J. Edwin Simms and business partner, whom is also his wife of 49 years, Barbara. Edwin initially got started in the label industry in 1988 with a long-time friend David Shepherd. David came to Nova Scotia from Ontario in pursuit of other life adventures and decided to launch a label company. David was involved with a family label business in Ontario, so this was nothing new to him. David put the call out for a computer programmer and a mechanical master mind and Edwin answered the call.


Shortly there after Precision Datalabel began production of all types of business data labels, dot matrix data labels and all variable information data labels. This along with blank and preprinted single colour thermal labels was the mainstay for Precision Datalabel for the first few years of business.


In 1990 Precision Datalabel purchased its first of several new label making presses by adding a multi colour Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing press. In 1992 Precision Datalabel again purchased new technology by adding a second multi colour press. This time flexographic. Again in 1995 PDL added a brand new multi Colour, 10 station flexographic press with all the whistles and bells. 

In 2011 Precision Datalabel moved into its new and present-day location at 333 Industrial Ave., in Truro's Industrial Business Park.  In 2014 after long hours of deliberation another new label press was installed. This time a die-less, toner based digital system was added to round out the production equipment.


PD Label Inc., as we are sometimes referred to, produces the finest flexographic printed, hot stamped with embossed/debossed foil printed and brilliantly process coloured digital labels. 

PD Label inc., has shipped across Canada from coast to coast, and has now labels all over the globe.


PD Label, has a staff, off and on of up to ten (10) both full time and part time. with business hours; Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm.