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THERMAL TRANSFER RIBBON - Wax, Wax Resin and Resin

Thermal Transfer Ribbons are compatible with all types of printers. Thermal transfer ribbons are widely used in the packaging of bakery, snack food, frozen and refrigerated foods, confectionery and dry fruits.

Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon is the most economical to use among all other types of ribbons. Wax ribbons are ideal for printing on matte coated or un-coated label stocks. The labels printed by these ribbons can remain un-smudged for years. Keeping in mind these ribbons should be kept in dry conditions and not be subjected to chemicals or oil that can melt the wax image. Wax ribbons are mostly suitable for standard paper labelling applications.

Wax-resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon is much more durable and will print on an extensive assortment of label stocks. It produces dark, dense images and enhances scan rates with better print quality on flood-coated labels. These ribbons are ideal for carton labelling, shipping labels and retail bags. Wax-resin ribbons can be used with high speed printers and are high demand for this market.

Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons provide images with greater durability. The labels designed by these ribbons can easily sustain abrasion, chemical exposure, rough handling, and outdoor elements. These types of ribbons produced of the highest percentage of resinous materials. As the resin used tends to be harder than the wax, these ribbons show excellent resistance against abrasion and chemicals.

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